“You should be ashamed of yourself” — Trump aide Stephen Miller condemned by childhood rabbi

 Stephen Miller’s rabbi’s denunciation follows close on the heels of a similar repudiation by his uncle, David Glosser. (photograph: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters)
Neil Comess-Daniels denounces Miller as a purveyor of “violence, malice and brutality” for zero-tolerance immigration policies.

By Andrew Gumble | The Guardian | Sep 10, 2018

Honestly, Mr. Miller, you’ve set back the Jewish contribution to making the world spiritually whole through your arbitrary division of these desperate people. The actions that you now encourage President Trump to take make it obvious to me that you didn’t get my, or our, Jewish message . . . You should be ashamed of yourself.
— Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels

The childhood rabbi to Stephen Miller, special adviser to Donald Trump and a key architect of his “zero-tolerance” immigration policies, criticized his former charge on Monday as a purveyor of “negativity, violence, malice and brutality” who had learned nothing from his Jewish spiritual education.

Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels of Beth Shir Shalom, a progressive reform synagogue in the beachside city of Santa Monica where Miller grew up, devoted his sermon marking the Jewish New Year to a striking denunciation of Miller and the now-abandoned policy he championed of separating immigrant families at the border.

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