The Episcopal Church decides to screen investments in Israel and Palestine

Palestinians in Gaza ask the Episcopal Church, “Will you bind up the broken-hearted?” (Isaiah 61:1-2). (photo: FOSNA)

A resolution to “end complicity” in the occupation fails to garner support among the bishops, but a second resolution succeeds in establishing investment screening criteria for human rights abuses.

Joint Press Release | Friends of Sabeel North America, US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, and American Friends Service Committee | Jul 17, 2018

We congratulate the Episcopal Church for joining its ecumenical partners in aligning its investments with its values and taking action for justice in Palestine.

At its 79th general convening, the Episcopal Church considered several resolutions to support Palestinian rights, including multiple resolutions to take economic action. After 10 days of powerful organizing and lively debate, the Episcopal Church adopted six key resolutions affirming Palestinian rights, including resolution B016 calling for the adoption of a human rights investment screen on Palestine and Israel.

The resolution, adopted Friday, July 13, directs the Episcopal Church to follow a similar action adopted by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, calling for the development of criteria to screen investments based on the church’s long-held stance against human rights abuses in Palestine and Israel, for investment in the Palestinian economy, and for continued corporate engagement. This resolution passed handily in both the Episcopal House of Deputies and House of Bishops.

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