How the “Private Good” of Religion Becomes a “Public Good” for Society

Islam in the Public Square
Town Hall Seattle
October 29, 2016


By Randolph Urmston, Attorney

Our last speaker Dr. Mark S. Markuly is Dean and Professor of the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University. Dr. Markuly teaches in the areas of religion and culture, the psychology of religion, and religious education. He has a reputation for creating educational programs that bring together people of different religious traditions to overcome their misunderstandings and find common ground on important issues. Dr. Markuly has a bachelor degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, a master degree in systematic theology from Aquinas Institute of Theology, and a Ph.D. in education from St. Louis University. The title of Dr. Markuly’s presentation is, How the Private Good or Religion Becomes a Public Good for Society.

How the “Private Good” of Religion Becomes a “Public Good” for Society

Mark Markuly, PhD, Dean and Professor of Theology and Ministry, Seattle University School of Theology