You Can’t Say We Didn’t Know:
Some Perspectives on Israel, Palestine, and the Conflict

Episcopal Bishop’s Committee for Israel/Palestine
Diocese of Olympia
October 2016

This book was made possible through the efforts of many people. We would like to express our particular gratitude to but a few: (1) The Rt. Rev. Gregory H. Rickel, VIII Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia, for his continuing support of the Episcopal Bishop’s Committee for Israel/Palestine; (2) Claude Soudah, who proposed commissioning papers to elaborate on some of the complex issues underlying the Palestine-Israel conflict; (3) the members of the Bishop’s Committee who supported this process; (4) the authors of the commissioned papers; (5) The Rev. John-Otto Liljenstolpe, Randolph Urmston, and Mary Segall who edited this booklet; (6) Alice Rothchild, who took time from her busy schedule to review the papers and provide feedback to the authors; (7) Rennie Coit, who did the final layout; and (8) Greg Hester, graphic designer of the cover of the booklet.


Each author takes full responsibility for what has been written. The material has been thoughtfully researched, and is offered in the spirit of seeking peace through understanding.