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“Experience Palestine” – An exciting new initiative underway by the KPSC

EP“Your home or apartment building will be demolished in Jerusalem.” If you live in Palestine, the West Bank, you have 24 hours to get out. If you live in Gaza, 10 minutes.

Hard for us in America to imagine such trauma on families whose crime is resisting a blockade that traps them in unlivable squalor. Or imprisons their children for throwing a rock at an invading tank,

Young Americans care about injustice in the U.S. but now are realizing the old idea (73 years) in Israel/Palestine, that this is our land and you Palestinians must leave.

America holds the key to justice/peace, yet supports the ethnic cleansing with 10 million dollars every day and sophisticated weapons of war. “The only democracy in the Middle East,” is limited practically to, “if you are one of us.” Groups like Jewish “Voice for Peace” nevertheless promote the idea that “Palestinian lives matter.” Young people have grown to change societies.

To help Americans understand, we of Kairos Puget Sound Coalition, KPSC, a non-profit organization comprised of volunteer groups locally who care about justice/peace. are hosting a volunteer committee, “Experience Palestine.” It would provide scholarships to partially fund interested millennials to “go and see” and “return to tell.” Experiencing life under a colonial military occupation can be life-changing. It has to many of us, to become advocates in the main country in the world that can bend the curve of history toward justice for Christians, Muslims and Jews, and bring peace at last.

If you wish to help, donations to KPSC designated by notation “for EP” can be made by check mailed to:

Stacy Andersen
2514 E. McGraw St.
Seattle, WA 98112

In the near future we hope to provide on-line giving.

Lloyd Johnson and Rich Morse, co-chairs, Experience Palestine committee

Experience Palestine Information Sheet